Mega Magnesium Bath Bomb

Mega Magnesium Bath Bomb

  • $9.95

We have taken our Luxury Magnesium Bath Bomb to the next level with the new Mega Magnesium Bath Bomb.

Made with our signature 100% SLS/SLSA free Magnesium Oil recipe but hidden in the centre, this bath bomb contains 3 tablespoons of Magnesium Chloride so it's a Magnesium Bath Soak and Bath Bomb combined in one fizzing ball of goodness.

Our signature recipe contains skin loving Organic Oatmeal, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Coconut Flour, Coconut Milk and high strength Magnesium Oil.

Magnesium is the second most abundant element in our bodies, and is used in regulating over 300 enzymes and reactions in the body.

Most people are Magnesium deficient. Transdermal (absorption through the skin) is a superior form of Magnesium supplementation. By bypassing the digestive system it goes straight into the bloodstream and is delivered to the cells that need it.

Our products are made to order so please understand that sometimes there may be a 1-3 day wait. This is due to the time the bath bombs take to dry before I can package them up to send to you in pristine condition. 

I do try keep a few on hand for urgent orders, if you require your order urgently then please contact me prior to placing your order. 

*As gorgeous as our products are, if you do have any pre-existing health/skin concerns or you are pregnant, please check with your doctor before use. A simple skin patch test is also recommended.


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